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An emerging female singer equipped with a large voice of dramatic potential, may enter a college voice performance program and face many hurdles along the way to maturity. By nature, this voice type can be difficult to control as the vocal musculature and body are still growing. The singer is placed in the care of an applied voice teacher whose job it is ascertain her appropriate voice classification and guide her through lessons, assignments of repertoire, culminating with a recital designed to display her mastery of technique, knowledge and future potential. The singer may 
 be required to join a choral organization (perhaps for the first time), where they will be evaluated by the director, assigned to a voice category, and challenged to learn the art of singing as one of many singers, creating a sonorous, unified sound. If the voice has real potential to be considered by an agent or manager, what responsibility (if any) will the agent/manager need in the care of this singer , as they shop the singer for potential work.  Finally, the singer herself may encounter frustrations balancing her potential against her real-time vocal maturity, dealing with feelings of being held back from singing more mature repertoire, or having to sing "small" in order to balance with other singers.


A female singer possessing a large voice wishes to enter your Vocal studio/choral ensemble/talent agency. She may possess exceptional stamina, mature focus to the tone, developed vibrato, or a dynamically unencumbered vocal phonation. In other words, you have at hand a young female singer whose voice will stand out from the majority of your singers, whose surprising volume is not caused by stridency, nasality, or an overly bright or forward vowel placement. 


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